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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! xxoo

Writer's Block: It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?

My darling partner and I got married on our third date!!

Pagan Online Gargage Sale

I am selling off all of my pagan items. Would prefer to ship in bundles, will ship anywhere and will take best offer.

Various Pagan themed cross-stitch patterns

Black Srying Mirror
Ceramic Goblet
Black belly dancing scarf
White Celtic hooded robe (full lenght) size medium
Glass witches ball (green)
Various stones and rose quartz

A witches' book of sabbat recipes (cd)
Blue sphere
Bronze goddess
Wooden pregnant goddess
Secret wish candle
Pagan tarot deck
Sweet Almond oil
2 wands
Jade mortar and pestle
Dried Lavender
Wooden pentacle bow
Ceramic pentacle tile
Egyptian scarf
Bast Banishing Candle
River rock runes
Tree runes
Crystal ball with stand
Rose Quartz sphere
Charcoal tabs
Various Incense
Clean sand
Astral Travel moon candle
Chakra Oils
Money chunk votive candles
Cepal resin
Frank and Myrrh resin
Dragon's Blood resin
Crystal headband
Jojoba oil
Graveyard dirt incense
Dried Toadstool

benzion x 2
sweet birch
lily of the valley
english rose
frankincense oil x 3
cinnamon leaf
dragon's blood
black pepper
apple blossom


alkanet root x 2
bergamot x 2
acorns (whole)
arnica flower x 2
argrimony x 2
anise seed x 2
angelica x 2

The ultimate encyclopedia of spells
Idiots guide to wicca and witchcraft
Yule : A celebration of light and warmth
To ride a silver broomstick
The Witches' Goddess
Solitary Witch
The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft
To stir a magick cauldron
The Wisdom of Confuscious
Hawaiian Magic and Spirituality
Exploring Candle Magick
A Witches' Bible
The only wicca spellbook you'll ever need
The book of Goddess
The Goddess in the bedroom
An alphabet of spells

Writer's Block: Happy happy joy joy

What cheers you up the most when life gets you down?

Cooking cajun food or cuddling with my dogs.

Writer's Block: Fear

What is your greatest fear? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?
My greatest fear is to end up being 80 yrs old, alone in an apartment with my dogs. Pass away and no one will know for weeks.

Will, I overcome it? Seriously doubt it.

Writer's Block: Sins of c/ommission

Which do you tend to regret more: things you wish you hadn't said or done or things you wish you had?

I wish I didn't make the mistake of cheating last October on Doug while I was work.

Writer's Block: Oh no not I

How do you recover from a bad break-up? The proverbial pint of ice cream? Quality time alone? Going out with friends? What are your personal healing strategies?

I am still trying to get over a break-up from last October. I have tried pretty much everything aside from having a gelato bath :(
Do you look forward to returning to work/school on Mondays or do you live for the weekend? What do you enjoy most about weekends? What do you dread most about school and/or work?

I usually work 21 days at a time, but last month it was 28 days. Then I get six days off. I love coming home, but it is hard to leave.

Going back to work is always interesting.

Writer's Block: The Best

What's the best thing you've seen or done this month?

My boyfriend (of 10 months on July 19) and myself did a road trip holiday to Comox, BC.

It was good, since we have never that length of time together before.

Writer's Block: Teen Time Machine

If you could be a teenager living in any decade, which one would you choose?
Either the 40's or the 50's, so I could nail the pin-up look!